About Our Company


Documents Forwarding Courier Services was founded during a very challenging time. It was the Great Depression. Mario Rick’s father had passed away, and someone needed to provide for the family. So, despite the risk, the 18-year-old sold his family’s car, bought a truck, and began hauling gravel around Iowa. Documents Forwarding Courier Services
Transportation Management Systems was born.

Today, more than 87 years after that first load of gravel was shoveled by hand, Chairman Mario Rick III and CEO Benard Lean—part of the third generation of the Documents Forwarding Courier Services family—continue to operate and lead according to the principles set down by Mr. Mario: integrity, hard work, innovation, quality customer service, and compassion. Mr. Mario continues to research and develop innovations in technology, equipment, and safety. And, we’re leading the transportation industry’s effort to improve its environmental profile.

Documents Forwarding Courier Services is a family-owned transportation management company, providing Dedicated Contract Transportation, Managed Transportation, and Value-added Warehousing. Our Integrated Solutions combine our non-asset and asset-based capabilities with optimal technology. We proudly employ 6,000 team members in more than 300 operations worldwide. Whatever the challenge, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to serve our customers.


Our vision for the future has enabled the Company to achieve a second-to-none position in the service field. Our service contracts with various banking institutions, who always insist on timely and efficient pick-up and delivery schedules, bear testimony to the trust we enjoy among highly professionalized financial institutions.

Documents Forwarding Courier Services base engaged in Courier servicing business. We are proving our services to various Companies and Organizations. Our services in entire Local & International., we are focusing on providing services with reasonable rates round the clock. We are lifetime-registered member of Courier Global Service. We are converting to Private limited company within upcoming time and expanding our work horizon vertically as well as horizontally. Please find List of our Valuable customers, Office Locations in Annex 1.

Documents Forwarding Courier Services is committed to providing first-class messenger services to its customers 24/7 with reasonable rates on a consistent basis. We enable our customers to prosper by delivering their products on time in a professional manner. We will continuously challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing leading edge solutions to their needs.

Documents Forwarding Courier Services is committed to total customer satisfaction. We know that your courier and shipping needs change, so we offer the customization necessary to satisfy your unique delivery requirements. Your delivery deadlines will be met with professional, speedy, efficient, reliable and individual service.

Developing your advanced therapy supply chain

Documents Forwarding Courier Services is the market leading Logistics Platform Developer, managing time sensitive and temperature-critical shipments, supported by highly specialized and dedicated teams focused on supporting your advanced therapy solutions. Our Logistics Platform has been managing critical shipments for advanced therapy developers since 2005, through a network of over 140 offices and a single quality system. This enables shipments of live cells across international and domestic boundaries, whilst ensuring cell viability and transport security, even when x-ray is not allowed. We currently manage everything from donations (e.g. tumour, apheresis and bone marrow) through critical blood samples to the delivery of final therapies.

Cell and Gene Therapy

The future of medicine is personalized. We’ve developed new supply chain models to support the distribution of these high-stakes, transformative treatments. We’ve been supporting advanced therapies since 2005 and deliver multiple shipments annually to more than 2,000 clinical sites.

We understand the critically important role that Direct-to-Patient logistics services schedules. By reducing the need to travel for treatment, we make it easier for researchers to recruit and retain qualified patients for their studies, and for manufacturers to broaden the patient populations.

We’ve developed a revolutionary passive shipping solution that’s transforming what’s possible for the transport of pallet-sized, temperature-sensitive materials.most dependable and cost-effective passive solution for transporting pallet-sized shipments of temperature-sensitive materials.
Transforming packaging perceptions

Documents Forwarding Courier Services provides secure volume shipping at a variety of temperature ranges, over great distances, and to remote locations where transport and storage infrastructure may be unreliable. As a passive solution, Documents Forwarding Courier Service delivers extended temperature-controlled performance while minimizing environmental impact. Best of all, Documents Forwarding Courier Services’s advanced honeycomb construction is 30% lighter than comparable solutions, translating into considerable savings for our customers.

Reducing billable weight

Airlines and other logistics providers determine billable charges based on either container size (a theoretical volumetric ‘weight’), or actual shipment weight, whichever is higher. This means it will cost more to ship an identical payload in a heavier container than in a lighter container of the same size. Documents Forwarding Courier Services is 30% lighter than similarly-sized containers, and even lighter than its theoretical volumetric weight. That means you can ship more material inside a Documents Forwarding Courier Services before triggering extra air freight charges.